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Leave Simsbury behind and enter the worlds you love to read about! Our carefully curated literary events feature fanciful foods, decor and activities inspired by popular books and movies. A ticket to one of our events is your key to a magical portal into a fantasy world!  



our house musicians

Fiddle & Harp

The husband and wife team of Gordon and Marcie Swift provide much of the live music that we enjoy at our evening events.  From the doomed musicians at our Last Night on the Titanic dinner party, to the fiesty, poetry-reciting players at the rowdy Outlander Scottish Evening, Gordon & Marcie give everything they have to their performances.  Beyond our fun events, Gordon and Marcie share their musical talents in more serious ways as well.  Gordon and his "Lost Acres String Duo" partner Paul Howard recently marked Martin Luther King Day with a lovely "Diversity Celebration of Music," and Marcie employs her background as a psychologist and therapeutic musician to bring peaceful, meditative tunes to a variety of daytime activities, including her "Bard of Simsbury" luncheons, and field trips for local schools. 

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