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Costume Inspiration: Alice in Wonderland

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Next time you're invited to an Alice in Wonderland themed party, don't limit yourself to a boring, low quality imitation of Alice's traditional dress and white apron. You're a grownup, and one of the perks of maturity is that you don't have to dress in any outfit that doesn't flatter you!

Take your inspiration from the colors and shapes of the costumes that Alice and the Mad Hatter wear in the books and movies, but adjust them to suit your own shape and style. Not only will you feel more comfortable and confident, but you'll impress the rest of the guests with your creativity as well!


Illustration: The Walt Disney Company

Photo: Walt Disney Pictures

In the original novel by Lewis Carroll and the 1951 Disney movie, Alice wears a light blue dress with a white apron or pinafore on top, with white tights and black Mary Jane shoes, and a black ribbon in her hair as a headband. Most ready-made costumes mimic this look.

In the 2010 live-action Disney movie helmed by Tim Burton, Alice is a bit older and her adventures are set in 1871. Her outfit has morphed into a light blue vintage gown with a variation of a corset on top, complemented by envy-inducing high buttoned boots. Inspired by this fresh look at Alice's style and aesthetic, you can create a costume rooted in any time period that makes your heart sing!

For example, what if Alice was a product of the 1950s? It's relatively simple to find fashion that mimics the shapes of this era, including circle skirts, cape collars, and ballet flats. The fitted bodice on this dress flatters many shapes, and looks chic in the process. Show off your figure instead of hiding it under a frumpy apron!

Period accessories are also easy to find, like soft headbands and charm bracelets, and you can add tiny nods to Alice's story with teacup jewelry, a clock purse, and even a plush White Rabbit.



And who says the Mad Hatter must be male? The defining characteristic of this fellow is that he is quite eccentric (perhaps as a result of exposure to the mercury used in the hat-making process), but we all know that eccentricity isn't limited to males alone.

The fun flounces and whimsical trims used in the Steampunk aesthetic will turn your Mad Hatter costume into a vibrant ensemble that perfectly reflects your lively personality. Mix and match jewel-toned colors, add black and white checks, and include subtle references to top hats, white rabbits, or being late!


Your re-imagined Alice in Wonderland costume will not only breathe new life into a somewhat overdone look, but the figure-flattering shapes you choose will lift your spirits. Let your confidence shine as you sip tea and tumble down rabbit holes!

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