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Host a Jane Austen Themed Tea Party

Throwing a tea party based on your love for Jane Austen and everything she represents SOUNDS straightforward, but it isn’t really, and that’s because of the setting. Building an event around an iconic, recognizable era, such as Regency era Britain, means that you want your guests to feel like they’ve been transported to another time and place, and it’s actually kind of tricky to achieve the look and feel of the early 1800s because very few of us live in a space that resembles Regency architecture, and it’s hard to get your hands on contemporary fashion that resembles those gorgeous Regency gowns.

[NOTE: To watch this discussion on YouTube (with WAY more photos) please CLICK HERE]

BUT, all is not lost! This minor challenge just means that we need to think outside the box to recreate the manor house of our dreams, and of course there’s no pressure to be historically accurate, as this event is not a film set but a fun party for your friends who also love Jane Austen, and they love you anyway so they won’t judge.. Which means we have a lot of wiggle room here :)

This post will cover the four main elements of a memorable event: immersive decor, themed food & drinks, book-inspired activities and period costuming. Let’s get started!


As we’ve discussed in previous posts, the key to hosting a party where your guests will feel magically transported to another time and place is worldbuilding. It would be pretty hard to feel like Mr Darcy is just around the corner if we were surrounded by modern artwork and technology, so the first thing we’ll do is build a vintage-inspired setting for your party.

As I mentioned, we don’t all live in a Regency-era manor house, but we can set our party in a neutral space, then gather together a few iconic items (some that we already have, and a few that we spring for), and arrange them in this space we have so that they suggest a vintage room. And if you’re a big enough fan of Jane Austen to want to throw a party inspired by her, you have vintage things around that you can use! Now, don’t feel like you have to go out and spend a ton of money to recreate this look. It really just takes a few pretty items to pull together a stunning vintage tea party atmosphere.