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Host a Charming Alice in Wonderland Tea Party

Learn how to host a charming Alice in Wonderland tea party that will make your guests feel like they've fallen down the rabbit hole! Find out the secret to planning a memorable, immersive event -- which is another way of describing an activity that's meant to make participants feel like they have been transported to another world.

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The key to creating a really engaging immersive event is worldbuilding. Some of you may be familiar with the term in relation to writing, but I’m using it in a slightly different way. Worldbuilding can refer to dreaming up a fantasy world then writing a story set in it… but in our case what I’m describing is essentially replicating the most evocative elements of a literary setting, so that the guests at my event feel as though they’ve "fallen down the rabbit hole", and landed inside the actual book.

Now obviously, when you’re working within the limits of your home or a borrowed space, you won’t be able to build the same kind of immersive experience as, say, Disney could do, since they’re not only building something from scratch, but they’re working with an unlimited budget. We wish! What I’m going to show you is how to use what you have to create an experience that is suggestive enough of a well-known place that your guests can easily use their imaginations to fill in the rest.