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Host a Fancy Nancy Tea Party

Updated: May 23

Fancy Nancy is a precocious young girl who loves anything and everything that's "fancy," whether it's frilly feather boas, piles of sparkly necklaces, sumptuous room decor, or lavish and elaborate tea parties. Author Jane O'Conner has created a character beloved the world over, and Fancy Nancy's adventures now include 80 books translated into 20 languages.

In the book Fancy Nancy Tea for Two, Nancy attends a tea party at her friend Bree's house and a precious teapot is accidentally broken, resulting in floods of tears. But never fear! Just follow these simple instructions to ensure YOUR Fancy Nancy tea party will be perfectly "splendiferous" and tear-free!


Depending on the age of your guests, you may choose to bring out an assortment of floral china plates and cups, or you might prefer to purchase the paper version. There are a wide variety of beautiful scalloped edge paper plates and paper tea cups in colorful floral prints available on Amazon if you can't find any in your local shops:

Bring out all your pastel-toned tablecloths, napkins and serving plates, along with your nicest silverware, and don't forget to build up a lovely centerpiece with a cake stand set into a floral wreath, topped with a teapot or little teacup ornaments, or even some charming little figurines. Nancy herself would strew pearl necklaces across her table, and you can follow her example with sparkling confetti or even feathers! Remember, nothing needs to match.

If you don't have a table large enough to seat all of your guests at once, consider clearing some space and setting up several small tables instead. Small end tables or folding tables can be treated like bistro tables and covered with small tablecloths or even large floral scarves. Seat two guests at each table and you'll have your own tea house cafe!