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Murder Mystery Party Kits

Host a fun murder mystery party game at home or on Zoom for up to ten detective-minded friends!

Download everything you need to host a live murder mystery for 5 to 10 players (including yourself).  Immerse yourself in a world of vintage elegance and affluence, romantic entanglements and jealous rivals, secrets and deception! Kit includes character packets for each of your guests, pre-party activities, custom clue videos to play during the party, personalized printables, costume & refreshment suggestions and detailed host instructions.  the game is designed so none of the players know who the murderer is when the game begins -- not the host, and not the murderer him/herself. 

Murder at Pendleton Manor.jpg

SYNOPSIS: The wealthy Sir Percy Pendleton was poisoned at a dinner party at his extravagant home.  You and your guests were present that night, and have been called back to the scene of the crime to share what you saw and identify the murderer among you.  Can you solve the case before the murderer strikes again?

Curtain call square 2.jpg

SYNOPSIS: A traveling theater company is about to complete their production of "Murder at the Opera House." Unfortunately, when the lights go up, one unlucky theater-goer is found dead. Can the cast solve the crime?

Downloadable Murder Mysteries

Download a series of letters, witness statements and coded messages and try to solve the mystery!

Download everything you need to solve a mysterious cold case, all in printable letter form.  Read statements from the police on the scene, witnesses to the crime, and suspects in the murder.  Look for holes in alibis and mysterious motives.  Solve cryptic coded messages and use your powers of logical deduction to determine the identity of the murder, plus his/her means and method.  Suitable for ages 12 and up. 

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Murder at the Ivory Tower-2.png
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