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Host a Sherlock Holmes Book Club

Sherlock Holmes is still the most popular fictional detective in the world, despite the fact that he made his first appearance in print over one hundred years ago.

Hosting a Sherlock Holmes themed book club meeting is not only a fun way to introduce your group to the thriller genre, but also a great excuse to plan a highly-themed afternoon full of mysterious, Victorian-era, Dark Academia decor, food and activities.

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Regardless of the specific book you choose to read, your decor will set the stage for your dark and curious event.

Since you're planning a meeting, not a full-on party, you won't need to worry about decorating your whole house. Simply focus on creating an evocative

still-life in the middle of the space where you and your book club members will be sitting, whether that's in the center of your dining room table, or on a coffee table surrounded by chairs in your living room.

Sherlock Holmes was notorious for the disorganized state of his study, standing in direct contrast to the methodical logic of his mind.