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Secret Wonderland Reading Nook

Tucked away in a tiny attic corner hides this whimsical reading nook inspired by Alice's trip to Wonderland. Bursting with color and subtle callbacks to Lewis Carroll's fantasy world, this sweet hideaway is the perfect place to leave the real world behind with a book, a cup of tea and a few decadent cupcakes.

Despite its strong theming, there are few overt references to Alice and her friends. Instead, visitors can enjoy the aura of Wonderland, manifested in the exaggerated curves of the furniture, the fanciful furry ottoman, the green carpet reminiscent of grass, and of course the clocks placed strategically around the room.

A hidden door leads to a narrow staircase. As you climb to the top of the worn steps, you expect to see a storage space full of old boxes or perhaps some castoff furniture ... anything but this!

The plum-colored velvet chairs are the first to catch your eye, and suddenly you snap to attention. What is this place?

Realistic-looking trees and greenery surround the vignette, as if you've arrived at a clearing in an enchanted forest. Sparkling lights shine above, and the trees are hung with red roses and old-fashioned keys.

Clearly this is a sanctuary for readers, as there are books everywhere you turn, from colorful books on the shelves, to open books tossed aside mid-read, to piles of books on the floor.

"Charming" is the word that first comes to mind as you scan the quirky room. The books are well-loved, and the decor celebrates beauty and nature, from the birdcage candleholders to the sparkling beaded lampshade.

The oversized vintage pocket watch on the wall brings to mind a familiar rabbit, and is that a cupcake on the table?

The pink fur on the poufy ottoman brings to mind a fantastical creature, and look -- there are two rabbits covered in green moss!

Small red polka dotted toadstool lanterns perch quietly on the forest floor, and the playing card artwork reminds you of Alice's adventures with the Queen of Hearts.

Throughout the room, black and white checked mugs not only ground the pastel design, but also hark back to the chess game Alice plays when she goes through the looking glass.

Tiny tables and delicate shelves provide perches for more of Alice's memories, from a heart-shaped clock to a beautiful red polka dot teapot that would make the Mad Hatter swoon.

Pale pink stripes painted on just the knee walls of the attic complete the appeal of this sweet and bewitching space.

This secret retreat makes the most of its small footprint, and the fact that it's hidden in an unexpected, out of the way location just heightens its allure.

What would YOU add to an Alice in Wonderland reading nook?

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