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Explore the charming town of Simsbury while you solve a mystery! Follow a trail of clues as you walk through the historic town center, and pick up delicious treats from local purveyors along the way. By the time you solve the mystery, you'll have collected the makings of a lovely picnic, which you can enjoy at your final stop!

Ticket Are Not Currently On Sale

PLEASE NOTE: Hunts must be purchased at least 48 hours before they are played.


During our inaugural summer, Story Hunts are only available

on Saturdays between 11:00 am and 3:00 pm.  

Choose the specific mystery you would like to solve, and purchase a ticket online

for each of the people in your party.  At this point, you do not have to choose a specific date to use those tickets. 

48 hours before you would like to complete your hunt, contact us to confirm your date. As soon as we receive your confirmation, we will send you the Launch Codes that you'll need to begin your adventure. 


In other words, check the weather first.  Then, on the Thursday before the Saturday that you'd like to hunt, contact us and we'll send over the initial location, the beginning of your story, and the punch cards that you will need to show at each food stop to pick up your picnic items.  

This two-step process allows you to adjust your date if the weather is bad, and allows our food vendors enough time to prep the items you'll be picking up. 

PLEASE NOTE: Hunts must be purchased at least 48 hours before they are played.

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Simsbury Story Hunts are a fun and unique outdoor activity perfect for families, couples and groups of friends.  Imagine a cross between a scavenger hunt, an escape room, and a progressive meal, and you've got a good idea what a Story Hunt will be like!

When you begin your hunt, you will have only the first paragraph of an epic mystery adventure story, and the starting location of a specific walking route through the center of Simsbury.  


At each location along the way, you'll find additional installments of the story, along with clues that will point you to the next stop on your journey. At some stops, you'll solve a puzzle, and at others, you'll pick up a food item.  Your goals are to follow the story to its end, solve the mystery, and collect the components of a delicious picnic to enjoy at your journey's end!

Each trail will lead you on a scenic route that laces together charming historic sites, secret gardens, obscure and fascinating landmarks, and beautiful scenery. Discover the hidden gems sprinkled throughout the delightful town of Simsbury!




Each route will start and end in the center of Simsbury,

near the convenient free public parking lots. 

Routes will zig zag along Hopmeadow Street, Iron Horse Boulevard and Drake Hill Road, with a few secret extensions here and there along the way. 

Our two current routes are each about one mile long, completely flat, and most of your walking will be on sidewalks.




Your picnic will be a mystery, just like the storyline you'll be solving.  Your exact meal will depend on your route and the food vendors along the way, but you can expect a fun array of breads, cheeses, meats, fruits, pastries, desserts and drinks.  The local businesses that you'll visit are all independent shops and restaurants who are excited to share their unique specialties with you. 

Food allergies and sensitivities can be accommodated on every route.  Just let us know what you can and cannot eat when you confirm your Hunt date, and we'll make sure there's something special waiting for you when you arrive. 

NOTE: There will be benches at the picnic locations, but you are welcome to bring along a picnic blanket if you prefer to eat on the shady grass beneath a tree!

NEW: Don't want a whole lunch?  Try our new "Just Desserts" option!



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"We loved it, especially our 8th grader! Perfect for 12+ who loves puzzles/riddles/clue games. The last clue was challenging, but well-crafted. Well done! We can't wait to do it again!" -- John K

"We had a great time on our hunt last Saturday! Everything was fun, and we enjoyed figuring out the clues. The lunch was fabulous and everyone loved it, even the picky 9 year old that was with us and she doesn't eat anything. We will definitely do the hunt again. Thank you again for helping us bring our out of state guests through our beautiful town and learn a little history along the way. " -- C.B.

"What an amazing and creative concept and it was executed perfectly! I have lived in Granby for 11 years and had never seen [some of the stops]. The clues/puzzles were so fun! You can tell you put a lot into this concept and really troubleshooted it! t was an amazing day and I have already told many people about it, and I am planning on doing the next one!"-- Kristal F.

"Clues were pretty easy to solve. Lunch was absolutely divine!" -- Shona K.

"It was an absolute blast! We loved it and completed it successfully! Thank you for introducing me to very nice local businesses i’d never visited before and the delicious food!" -- Nichole S.

"We had such a good time this past weekend.  For my 9 and 11 year old, it was just the right level of complexity.  We will definitely be back!" -- Rebecca P.

"All four of us had a fabulous time on Saturday. We enjoyed the story, the clues, and exploring Simsbury.  The food boxes were exceptional and delicious. So much better than a boring sandwich which is what we were expecting. Thank you so much for a fabulous experience!" -- Jeanne B.

"It was pretty perfect, and your video was darling!!! Great story line as well. Just wonderful all around! Thank you again!!! " -- Lena S.


Absolutely! Simsbury Story Hunts make great gifts for friends and family of all ages. 

Click here to purchase a gift card

Gift Cards Are Not Currently On Sale


Yes!  Please contact us using the link below.  

As soon as we have enough interested businesses located near each other, we'll launch a new route. 


Tickets Are Not Currently On Sale

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