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Why Are Themed Activities So Important?

Imagine that you’re the guest, and you arrive at this hypothetical Harry Potter party in your house robes, clutching your wand.  In that moment between when you ring the doorbell and your host opens the door, you will have a moment of panic/hope, where your brain says, “ooh, I hope this is good! But what if it isn’t?”  That Potterhead fan deep inside you really wants that door to open onto Hogwarts. 


If this event turns out to be just a normal get-together at a friend’s house, where everyone stands around eating, drinking and chatting, that’s … fine … but it’s certainly not the enchanted evening your secret internal book nerd was hoping for. 


But … if you have to give a password to the Fat Lady to enter the house, then you sit on a stool in the front hall with the Sorting Hat on your head and hear someone call out your house, then they hand you a Marauder’s Map of the house and you see that “classes” are set up in each room, so you go to the dungeon and make potions, then you go to Divination and have your tea leaves read, then you go to Charms and make a fancy wand with a dowel and hot glue and paint, then you go to History of Magic which is actually a Harry Potter trivia game with all the other guests … you will have a spectacular time, and you’ll remember that party forever. 



Inspiration: A Love Letter to the Written Word


Inspiration: Tea with Jane Austen

Inspiration: Outlander Evening

Inspiration: Victorian Apothecary

Inspiration: Victorian Murder Mystery



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