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History of The Storyteller's Cottage | How I Transformed an 1891 House into a Bookish Event Venue

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Back in 2016, I bought a commercial property that was once a Victorian home, right on the main street of my small Connecticut town. This house was built in 1891, and had bounced back and forth between being a residence and being a series of offices. When I took over, it was currently in use as a house, but I wanted to use it as a space for my literary-themed event business.

I spent the better part of 2017 redecorating the entire house, so each room had its own distinct theme that could serve as a backdrop for a variety of bookish activities.

The living room became the Victorian-themed Jules Verne Steampunk Library.

The dining room was transformed into the Regency-era Jane Austen Salon.

The sun room became the whimsical Alice in Wonderland Tea Room.

An upstairs office became the Magical Common Room, and we even built a bookcase wall with a secret door into a Medieval Castle Keep.