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Elevate Your Next Murder Mystery Party

Getting ready to host a murder mystery dinner party? Turn your game into an elegant event with a few simple upgrades!

While there are thousands of murder mystery games available to purchase, most only include the clues and character information you need to play. Why not add some extra gameplay accessories, themed decor, and mysterious prizes for the winning detectives?


Your guests will be trying to keep track of up to ten characters and dozens of clues as the night progresses. They'll be so grateful when you make the process a little easier for them!

A clue-gathering notebook will come in very handy as your players collect information, and will definitely help them organize their thoughts as they write down potential motives, means and methods.

Find our 6" x 8.5" notebook here

Character nametags are another very useful addition to your game, especially when you have more than five players. These vintage-style nametags are available as a PDF download, and are meant to be printed at home on your own Avery self-stick labels, then filled in by hand.

Find our character nametags here


Since most of us don't live in a Victorian manor, it takes a bit of clever decorating to make our homes look like the setting for our game.

Sometimes, your best bet is to choose a few highly-themed decorative items to set the stage -- especially if they're slightly whimsical!

These clear pint glasses feature Victorian style poison labels on one side, and are not only fun to serve drinks in, but also work well as party favors.

Find our poison label pint glasses here.


When your players make their final guesses as to the identity of the murderer in your midst, reward the successful detectives with a mystery-themed prize! Or, send each guest home with a useful favor to remember the evening.

This vintage-themed mug features custom "Best Detective" illustrations on both sides. It's not only useful, but will offer bragging rights to the winners for years to come. Wouldn't YOU love to answer questions about how you came into possession of this mug?

Find our double-sided Best Detective mug here.

For those who'd like a stronger statement, bestow the "Undeniably Best" mug! The design on this one wraps around all of it.

Find our one-sided Best Detective mug here.

Both practical and funny, this large tea towel features the legend, "Darling ... Does this towel smell like chloroform?"

Find our chloroform tea towel here.

Just for fun, this candle claims it "Smells Like Murder," but in fact, you can choose one of five lovely scents (not one of which resembles blood or decay!)

Find our Smells Like Murder candle here.

Perhaps you'd like to send all of your guests home with a special prize? This set of 10 different award certificates includes designs for Best Detective, Best Actor, Best Liar, Best Costume, Most Suspicious, Most Villainous, Most Innocent, Most Outrageous Accent, Most Dramatic Death, and one blank certificate to make up your own award. These designs are meant to be downloaded and printed at home, then filled in by hand.

Find our award certificates here.

Or, let each player wear his or her award with these self-stick nametag labels, also meant to be downloaded and printed at home on your own Avery labels. Contains two pages of all 10 awards, plus "I'm Dead" and "I Did It!"