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Speaking to the Ghosts of the Titanic: A Unique Immersive Evening in Connecticut

Have you ever wondered what the ghosts of the Titanic would say if we could speak to them? Master Illusionist Steve Gibson has brought his traveling collection of haunted antiques to The Curioporium in Hartford, Connecticut, to allow curious spectators to hear those very voices!

Mr. Gibson regularly performs his unique show, "Paranormal Parlor: Titanic" on the Curioporium's mysterious stage, combining close-up magic with a fascinating glimpse into the history of the Titanic tragedy.

The practice of communicating with spirits from beyond the grave was a popular one at the turn of the century, particularly in 1912, the year the Titanic sank. In fact, there were more practicing "spiritualists" than Catholics during that period!

Steve Gibson has spent years collecting artifacts and research from the Titanic, and shares these fascinating items during his performance. Surrounded by the curiously evocative oddities of the Curioporium, Steve elevates ancient books, enigmatic boxes and esoteric relics into mystical connectors to the spirit world.

From the Cabinet Cards featuring vintage portraits of long-dead Victorians, to the novel detailing the exact tragedy of the "Titan," written 14 years before the actual event, Steve's collection would enrapture audiences if it was merely displayed as a museum exhibit.

But, to the spectators' delight, these enchanted items do much more than educate watchers about history. These mystical objects actually provide a channel by which the spirits lost on that fateful night in April 1912 can communicate with the sympathetic souls of the present.

Objects move, candles flicker, unexpected sounds fill the night ... all responding to the respectful requests of the talented Mr. Gibson. This 90-minute performance includes a variety of opportunities for audience participation, and ends with a thrilling seance, made even more remarkable by the intricate and mesmerizing "haunted" decor for which the Curioporium is known far and wide.

The Titanic sank exactly one hundred and ten years ago this weekend, and this synchronization seems to have augmented the spiritual connection between Steve Gibson's artifacts and the spirits of the past.

A few tickets are still available for performances on April 15 and 16, and Steve will return again to the Curioporium at a later date, so if you are not able to visit Hartford this weekend, you'll have another chance soon!

Meanwhile, plan a trip to visit the amazing, immersive haunted shopping experience that's available at the Curioporium every weekend (Thursday and Fridays from 5 - 9pm, Saturdays from 1 - 9pm and Sundays from 1 - 5pm). Visit the Vault of Curiosities, have your Tarot cards or tea leaves read, or join the monthly Dark Artist and Creator Meetup on Wednesday evenings. Find all the latest event details on the Curioporium Facebook page.

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15. Apr. 2022

Sounds super interesting.

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