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Create a Fairytale Forest in an Extra Closet

Updated: Mar 19, 2022

Sometimes, we just need to slip away from the pressures of everyday life and recharge for a while in a beautiful, peaceful space. For those of us who love to read, the idea of taking refuge in a magical fairytale forest captivates the imagination.

If you're lucky enough to have an extra closet in your home that you can repurpose, it's actually quite simple to bring that particular literary dream to life and create an enchanting fairy forest in your own home! And if you have permission to remove the door of said closet, you can multiply the fanciful impact of your secret space by attaching a secondhand wardrobe/cabinet to the opening and use that as the door ... let me show you how!

Begin by removing all the hardware inside your closet, including clothing rods and shelves.

My closet happened to have a window and an overhead fluorescent light, but if yours doesn't have a source of light, think about whether you can bring in a lamp and run a cord to a nearby outlet, or if you'd like to use a battery-operated lanterns, or whether you'll need to purchase a stick-on light like this from your local home store.

Cover the walls of your closet space with a self-stick mural, which looks like wallpaper but is much simpler to install. Choose your favorite forest scene, and paint any trim inside the closet in a nice deep green so it fades into the background.

If you have a flat door that can be covered with this same mural paper, go ahead and use that, but if your door has raised panels, or is a folding door, consider hanging a forest-themed wall hanging/tapestry instead.

Collect any artificial trees or plants you have around the house, then scour your local thrift shop, Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace for a few more. A six-foot tree will cost you about $100 new, but you can find used decorative potted trees for as little as $25. Place these in the corners of your fairy forest, to give dimension to your woodland wall coverings.

Hang some strings of lights from your ceiling or wrap them around your larger trees. Again you'll need to consider the location of your nearest electrical outlet, but ideally you'll be able to snake a cord under the closet door.

You can choose to paint your ceiling the same dark green as your trim, or perhaps a midnight blue with some stars for an enchanted evening effect. My closet had a huge 2-foot by 2-foot fluorescent light fixture on the ceiling, so I hung a piece of wood lattice a few inches below it, and wove artificial branches and flower vines through it, along with more strings of tiny lights.