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Elevate Your Next
Murder Mystery

Getting ready to host a murder mystery dinner party? Turn your game into an elegant event with a few simple upgrades!


While there are thousands of murder mystery games available to purchase, most only include the clues and character information you need to play. Why not add some extra gameplay accessories, themed decor, and mysterious prizes for the winning detectives?

Learn how to live inside your favorite books and stories...
The Storyteller's Cottage brings literature to life!


Bring the best elements of your favorite books into all aspects of your real life

Create thrillingly themed spaces inspired by your favorite story settings

Build fictional worlds IRL and invite your friends to join you at immersive, bookish themed events

Find everything you need to bring literature to life at home!

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Bookish Party Menus

This practical guide will provide inspiration for your next literary-themed event with menu ideas for eight popular bookish party themes, including Harry Potter, The Great Gatsby, Alice in Wonderland and more.

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