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The Storyteller's Press is a small, hometown publishing group where new children’s authors can launch a career with personalized, caring support. Think of us as a self-publishing facilitator ... choose exactly the help you need from our practical menu of options. Whether you need an editor or an illustrator, assistance with finding an agent or laying out your book to upload to an online printing company, we have the experts to help you.

As the center of a local writing community at the Storyteller's Cottage, we have been privileged to meet and speak with scores of aspiring authors.  We heard over and over about the difficulties new writers have trying to make an impact as tiny fish in a gigantic sea, and saw a need for a supportive press focused on new authors -- a stepping stone of sorts.  We'll provide you the hand you need to navigate the waters, then stand behind you and put all our resources into marketing your new book.

The Storyteller's Press fits right in the pocket between traditional and self-publishing.  We can help you prepare your work to submit to a traditional publisher, or we can help you put all the pieces together and complete your self-publishing journey. Choose only the help you need.


Whereas self-publishing can require a significant up-front investment on the part of the author, and considerable knowledge about design and layout, publishing with the Storyteller’s Press does not.  Operating on a smaller, more human scale, we publish small initial print runs and rely on a print-on-demand model after the initial run, reducing financial risk for all involved. Focusing on our local contacts to promote new books, we work to get new authors into local independent bookstores as well as national chain stores. We'll also stock your book in our on-site and online Booktique, and host your launch party! 

With the Storyteller's Press, you are a member of the family, not a sterile name in a database.




Do you have a manuscript underway that you'd like to submit to a traditional publisher?  Let us help you polish it.  Learn the inside strategies a successful author used to traditionally publish with Little, Brown.


First Ten Pages Critique, Query Talk, or Brainstorming Session

Have you finished a first draft and need help with revision? Have you been querying agents and getting nowhere? Do you have story ideas, but you're struggling with how to begin? Do you just want someone to take a look at your first ten pages?


Carrie Firestone, author of THE LOOSE ENDS LIST (Little, Brown 2016), THE UNLIKELIES (Little, Brown, 2017), and DRESS CODED (Putnam/Random House Penguin, 2020) offers one-on-one sessions tailored to help you take the next steps in your writing journey. She will provide clear, judgment-free feedback and answer all your questions about agents, publishing, story pitfalls, and craft. 

Carrie is available by appointment only.  Please email to schedule your consultation.  $75/hour.  





Our Writer-in-Residence, C. Flanagan Flynn, is a professional editor who can provide personal guidance and feedback for your work.  

Stuck on a personal essay, memoir, novel, or blog content? Enlist C's help like countless other writers have. C's expertise in working with fiction and nonfiction writers is evidenced through the bylines they’ve earned working with her. As the former Managing Editor of Brain Child and Brain Teen magazines, C’s editorial roles extend to Founding Editor and Editor-in-Chief of Centered: The magazine of personal stories where six of the personal essays and memoir excerpts are in contention for Pushcart Prizes. With C’s editorial input, writers have published standalone essays, memoir excerpts, or novel excerpts in Creative Nonfiction MagazineThe New York Times (Modern Love Column), The MacGuffin, and Brain Teen. Manuscripts she’s edited have been published by Penguin Random House, New World Library, and Lone Pine Publishing.

C. is available by appointment only.  Please email to schedule your consultation.  $75/hour.  




Whether you're creating your own illustrations and would like feedback, or you're getting ready to self-publish your manuscript and aren't sure how to design a cover, graphic artist Robin Towle-Fecso will sit down with you and help you improve the visual impact of your book.  Robin is also available to create your illustrations as well.  

By appointment only.  Please email to schedule.  $75/hour


Please click here to view a list of illustrators. 


The Storyteller's Press publishes children's books through two channels: Amazon and IngramSpark.  If you've been thinking of self-publishing but are intimidated by the work required to get your book into shape, we are here to help.  We'll prepare and upload your book to Kindle Direct Publishing, where the general public can purchase print copies and ebooks, and we'll upload it to IngramSpark, where local and national bookstores can buy copies to resell.  We'll then promote your book (see below) and split the royalties with you.  


Authors who have completed the text of their story, but have not yet laid out their pages, will incur a set-up fee of $200 - $500, depending on the length of the book.  After a free consultation and review of the manuscript, this fee will be determined before any contracts are signed.  


Authors who already have completed PDFs of their books will be charged a reduced set-up fee of just $150 - $200, depending on whether any sizing adjustments must be made to bring the book in line with national bookstore guidelines.  


Please email for more information.  


As a hometown press, we will (of course) spread the word about our new authors all throughout the Farmington Valley and across Connecticut, but as a professional publisher, we will also work to publicize our authors nationally, with the goal of getting their books into "big name" bookstores. 


From profiles in local newspapers, to storytimes at the Storyteller's Cottage, schools and local bookstores, to booths at our seasonal Open Houses and local festivals, we work to get your books and name in front of families who enjoy supporting local businesspeople. 


We'll add your name to respected online author directories, submit your work for literary awards, and reach out to national chain stores to promote your work.     


Why Publish With Us?

With the Storyteller’s Cottage at the core of our local writing community, we are able to quickly garner name recognition for our new authors by promoting them on all our established communication channels, at local events in and around the Cottage, and by making use of all our local community and professional contacts. 


  • Small initial print run, low up-front investment

  • Print-on-demand process, limiting financial risk

  • Ebook uploads as well as print copies

  • Customized local marketing

  • Personalized attention, friendly and familiar staff



With Simsbury as our base, we will hold a variety of local events in the Farmington Valley and across Connecticut featuring you and your book, including:

  • Launch Party at the Storyteller's Cottage

  • Author Salon (book reading & signing)

  • Storytimes (for children’s books)

  • Featured space in our seasonal Open Houses

  • Inclusion of your book at community events (such as SeptemberFest and Simsbury Celebrates)

  • Creation of an educational lesson featuring your book, to be used by local schools & posted on Teachers Pay Teachers

  • Inclusion in a Field Trip Package for local schools

  • Opportunity to lead a creative writing class and feature your book



  • Dedicated page on our website, including online order form

  • Media blitz (press releases, plus regular post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)

  • Feature article in our quarterly literary magazine, “Inkling”

  • Bookmarks, stickers and coloring pages designed to match your book cover or illustrations

  • Foam board signs for in-person events

  • Feature space in our Booktique bookstore on the premises, with an About the Author poster

  • Help creating a Book Trailer on YouTube

  • Help designing an author web page & Facebook page for you to maintain

  • Submissions for literary awards

  • Submission to CT Center for the Book author directory

  • Quarterly author networking event at the Storyteller’s Cottage

Learn More

No agent is required to submit your work to the Storyteller's Press.  

Prospective authors may send us a summary of their story idea by email and we’ll respond back with a request for more information if the concept is a good fit for us.  Potential new authors are invited to sit down with us over tea for a free consultation to discuss their work and our fees.


Our 2019-2020 publishing schedule is full

If you would  like  to put your name on  our waiting list

please click HERE and we'll contact you when we begin

reviewing submissions again.



Books by all of our authors are available for purchase here:

Storyteller's Cottage Booktique

Amazon * iBooks

Local Bookstores


Barnes & Noble


Amanda Bannikov

Amanda is an attorney by day, and an author of children's stories by night.  She grew up in the Great White North (Canada), but she currently lives in on the East Coast, in Simsbury, CT. 

In her free time she enjoys reading, playing tennis, cooking, baking, Instagramming, and compulsively watching cooking and home improvement shows.  Amanda also loves traveling around the world.  She and her wife share their home with one very needy black cat, his two slightly less needy sisters, and a very resilient dog.

Visit Amanda's website HERE


Meet Kimothin, the brave knight on an adventure to find a scary beast to slay. She meets Tippy, a dragon that needs her help because he hasn't slept in days. With a little help from pillows, blankets, and creative thinking, falling asleep takes no time at all!


Kimothin the Knight and Tippy the Dragon are going on a new adventure to help out. They meet Pirate Ben, one smelly-breathed pirate. With their toothbrushes, toothpaste, and a few other surprises in hand, Kimothin and Tippy are ready to go!

Tippy front Cover.jpg

Is your child feeling anxious about going to the doctor? Tippy and Kimothin are ready to help! Come along on another learning adventure with this kind dragon and his best friend, a girl knight. 


It’s party time in the Kingdom of Smesselleo and Tippy the Dragon and Kimothin the Knight are planning a big celebration for everyone. They enlist the help of the other knights in the kingdom to make the day extra special and learn about everyone’s favorite holidays.




The Law of Attraction is oh so fine. It's magnetic and sticky! It's working all the time!

A cheerful introduction to the Law of Attraction for children.

Kati is a motivational author who primarily focuses on children’s books which teach personal and spiritual development. Her stories translate popular self-help concepts for young readers to understand and implement throughout their lives. As a self-improvement enthusiast she hopes her books inspire readers to be more mindful, optimistic and empowered individuals. 

Visit Kati's website HERE



Lana was born and raised in the charming Farmington Valley. She grew up reading all of the children's beloved classics by authors like Roald Dahl, Shel Silverstein, A.A. Milne and many more. Lana has always had a love for storytelling which she only shared, until now, with her own two children, telling them animated bedtime stories and writing fun rhyming tales. Truly's adventures were inspired by all of the fun and magical activities that happen The Storyteller's Cottage. Lana joined the staff in January of 2018 and is now the Director of Operations, and is proud to now call herself a Children's Author.

Visit Lana's website HERE

Visit Truly's own Facebook page HERE


Meet Truly...
Truly is a shy fairy who feels as though she doesn’t fit it. Join her on an epic adventure! Help her discover clues that will lead her to a magical place where everyone is accepted just as they are.


Truly is helping prepare for the holidays when a mysterious letter arrives at The Storyteller’s Cottage. Someone is lost in the woods and asking for help. Will Truly, Draco and Helga come to the rescue? Join them on their adventure to help a friend in need in time for the holidays!


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