"Wear White to Your Funeral" by Lisa Acerbo


She died wearing white, but now it is time for their funeral. Rory is your average high school senior until her mother banishes her to Trumbull, Connecticut. The small suburb with only a mall and movie theater sure feels like the netherworld until Rory’s first day at her new school. That’s the day she meets Bowen, who begs her to join him on a class project. When Bowen drags her into a graveyard to research the local ghostly legend known as the White Lady, Rory wants to fly back home to Atlanta. Unfortunately, she is stuck -- with Bowen, without her old friends for support, in a town she doesn’t understand. Her night in the cemetery also starts an unnerving chain of events. A half buried dead girl and a ghostly apparition lead Rory and Bowen into a deadly game of cat and mouse, but who is the killer? Is it human or something long dead and otherworldly? Rory can’t be sure as White Lady keeps showing up, haunting her. The police, on the other hand, believe the body belongs to a local woman and the murderer is all too human. Rory is dragged into the murder case and she is no super sleuth. In her hometown of Atlanta she was a straight A student with plans to attend a good college. Now her mom calls every day, her aunt is worried Rory is involved with drugs and the wrong crowd, and the boy she likes wants more than she is willing to give. The police are of little help, Rory’s aunt just wants her to remain safe, and Bowen, who she can’t distance herself from, keeps finding new ways to get her into trouble. Whether breaking into a suspected killer’s house, being followed by a menacing ghost, or being stalked at school, Rory’s only hope is that finding the killer will put an end to the supernatural haunting. Before Rory can discover the identity of the killer, she is drawn into the mystery of the White Lady, which opens the door for some very real danger.

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