"Freeing the Magician" by Dawn Leger (Paperback)


The second book in the Cassie Thornton mystery series finds Cassie helping her friend Michael unravel an old family secret in his mothers attic, while her own past continues to encroach on the new life she's trying to establish in New York City. Sparks fly between Detective Friday and Cassie when she starts researching two mysterious sisters.

The presence of Cassie's "husband" complicates her growing relationship with Detective Friday as the Gypsies come to town, and Cassie reaches for her deck of Tarot cards for guidance when life gets complicated. It's a fast-paced, bumpy ride, but whether she's sorting old papers in Massachusetts or dealing with a cat-napping in Manhattan, your can trust Cassie to have a snappy retort and a whole lot of moxie when it's needed.

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