Top 5 Games to Play at Home

It’s finally time for summer vacation which means the kids are stuck at home with nothing to do. Why don’t you check out one of these exciting games to play? These games will keep the kids entertained and be a great bonding activity that will give all the members of your family a whole summer of fun!

The Game of Life

The first game on our list is called The Game of Life! These are very abnormal times, so playing this game right now is almost like playing a fantasy game! Essentially, the game allows you to live out the life of an American nuclear family. Like Monopoly, this game indirectly teaches about money management although the kids will probably be distracted by the cute figures representing your family! At the start of the game, you pick a colored car and stick a little blue or pink person in it. When you get married you add another person to the car, and the same for any number of kids you have as well. The game also allows you to make choices which makes the game feel varied and unique even after you've played it the first time. For example, the game starts when you decide whether to start your career immediately or to invest in college. Instead of rolling dice to see how many spaces you move, you spin the wheel in the center of the board. This is a bright and colorful game that is great for families!


If you loved the movie "Knives Out" then you are bound to love this whodunit game! At The Storyteller’s Cottage we love to solve a good mystery, and that’s the whole point of the game Clue. You play as one of six murder suspects. Your goal is to determine who the killer is, what weapon they used, and in what room they committed the heinous act in. You'll be doing this while exploring a huge, classy mansion. Clue involves some strategy and skills of deductive reasoning, and it can be enjoyed by both children and adults! Therefore, it is a great game for families to play regardless of age. Both The Game of Life and Clue have many pop culture variations. For example, there is a "Big Bang Theory" version of Clue which allows you to play as all the main characters from that show. If you miss our live murder mystery nights and have already played our Mysteries By Mail, then this is the next big mystery for you to investigate!

Cards Against Humanity

Here's an option for the college students and adults in your house looking for a bit of fun! This card game was made possible through Kickstarter donations and it blew up in popularity shortly after its official release in 2011. It's basically a mature version of Apples to Apples. The game is known for it's sense of humor which is risqué, offensive, inappropriate, and even politically incorrect but can be great fun amongst close friends. There are also expansion packs to get even more cards! To play the game, each player gets ten white cards with inappropriate phrases on them. Each round a different player is the judge or the "Card Czar". This person selects a black card which has a phrase with a blank space in it or a question looking for an answer. The players have to select their white card that they think fits best whether it make the most logical sense, is the funniest card, or the most inappropriate. Then the Card Czar will decide the winner for that round and the winning player will receive the black card. The first player to get a chosen amount of black cards wins!


On the opposite end of the age spectrum, Wizardology is a great option for younger children! While Wizardology isn’t as well-known as some of the other games on this list, it actually stems from a popular children’s book series consisting of Dragonology, Egyptology, Wizardology, and even Pirateology! The books are thick tomes filled with lore about the various topics. They contain many fascinating pages to look at and interact with. In the game, each player selects a wizard character to play as and must complete four trials to receive talismans. Once all four talismans are obtained, the player will become a master wizard and can free Merlin's spirit from the old oak tree. The tasks required for obtaining talismans are simple but unique, such as placing magnets on a wand and trying to get them to push each other away as opposed to sticking together. This game does not require strategy and is mostly random, so it would be great for younger children looking for something special to entertain themselves with. If you want to become the next sorcerer's apprentice, then check out this game!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

This final game on our list isn't a board or card game, but rather a video game! Animal Crossing: New Horizons was released in early March and has been entertaining many people who are stuck at home during quarantine. It allows people to express their creativity in a lighthearted game while providing a sense of routine. You start on a deserted island with just two neighbors and slowly build up from there until you have a complete town customized by you. You'll catch bugs, fish, collect fossils, grow fruit trees, and more! If you have friends who also own the game, you can visit each other's islands. On your island, your neighbors are cute animals with their own unique and quirky personalities. The game corresponds to the current season and time of day where you are. Even certain holidays occur in the game at the same time as they do in real life! This a classic Nintendo series that is perfect for children and is also enjoyed by many adults. If you are looking for a relaxing video game, then join the Animal Crossing craze!

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