The Art of Racing in the Rain- Review written by Hannah Smelter

Updated: Apr 23

If you are looking to read a novel in a dog’s perspective, then The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein is the book for you. While other novels that have dogs as the main characters tend to be depressing, The Art of Racing In the Rain approaches pain in a more positive light.

The novel follows a dog named Enzo, who has a dream about reincarnating into a human to better communicate with and understand his owner Denny, who is an aspiring race car driver. But this does not come without obstacles. Enzo must learn to convert his jealousy of Denny’s wife into love and be there for Denny after the death of his wife and after he risks losing custody of his daughter.

Interwoven with the trauma that both Enzo and Denny experience are glimpses of Enzo’s passion for racing. Stein artfully has Enzo use racing as a lens for understanding life. Through articulating the story of the famous race car driver, Ayerton Senna and dispersing facts about racing as a subplot, Enzo teaches readers to acknowledge that life throws challenges at people. But it is ultimately how they perceive and handle these challenges that determines whether they are content with their lives or not.

Though there are many books in a dog’s perspective to choose from, not many of them encourage positivity and passion for living that Enzo embodies in The Art of Racing In the Rain. His positive mindset, his wit, and his

childlike sense of humor give him a relatable and irresistible charm that will leave readers wanting to gain more wisdom from him.

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