Spend the Day in Narnia!

Updated: Apr 23

Are you a fan of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe? Learn how to bring Narnia to life for a birthday party or just a rainy day!

Learn to Play Classic Games

The Pevensie children are caught up in WWII and sent to live in the country with a distant relative. They spend long hours entertaining themselves with simple games that today's children don't know. To start your Day in Narnia, download instructions to play the kind of games your grandparents might have played, from marbles to simple card games like Crazy 8s. You can even practice jumping rope or playing with Tinkertoys or Tiddlywinks! Begin in a bedroom, just like the Pevensies.

It's fun to play marbles!

Make Snow Globes, Crowns & Swords

Every adventurer must prepare himself for the journey. Begin by creating and decorating paper crowns and wooden swords -- use printed scrapbook paper, colored rhinestones and sparkly trim for your crown, and try to find thin wooden sword shapes at Michael's craft stores or online. Decorate these with magic marker and more rhinestones.

Then collect glass jars, miniature evergreen trees, dollhouse lampposts, glitter and a small bottle of glycerine (all available at craft stores). Glue the trees and lamppost to the inside of the jar lid, then fill the jar with water, a drop of glycerine, and some glitter. Hot glue the lid shut, and you have a Narnia snow globe!

Look closely and you may see Mr. Tumnus!

Get Ready to Enter the Wardrobe

We are lucky enough to have our own magical wardrobe here at the Storyteller's Cottage -- we cut the back off an old wooden wardrobe and nailed it up against the door opening to an unused closet, which we decorated with forest murals, artificial trees, and strings of cotton ball "snow." For your trip to Narnia, try hanging a length of black velour fabric in a doorway on a tension rod. Set it behind the door, so your adventurers can open the door, see the black curtain, then push it aside to enter a winter wonderland.

Decorate the second room with everything you can find that says "forest" or "winter" to you -- from white sheets on the furniture (snowy hills), to groups of potted plants (flora and fauna), to sparkly plastic snowflakes from the Christmas tree decoration box. Our cotton ball snow was easy to make with white thread and cotton balls. We have a grid on our ceiling that made it easy to hang, but you might need to attach yours to a ceiling light fixture.

It's snowing in Narnia!

Solve a Puzzle to Enter the Wardrobe

We locked our wardrobe door with a 5-digit combination lock, and slipped our adventurers a secret letter asking for their help. You can type this up in an old-fashioned font and print it out on paper that looks like an ancient scroll (available at Staples). (P.S. Our combination 22144, but you can adjust these riddles to fit your needs)

Please Help!!

The White Witch has taken over the castle.  She wants to make it always winter and never Christmas!  Please come through the wardrobe and help defeat her.

In order to open the lock, you must answer these five riddles:

  • How many furry legs does Tumnus have?

  • The prophecy states that “two sons of Adam and ___ daughters of Eve” will sit on the thrones at Cair Paravel and break the White Witch’s reign of tyranny

  • How many lions are in this story?

  • How many Pevensie siblings are there?

  • Number of letters in the youngest Pevensie child’s name

What could be on the other side?

Outwit the White Witch to Get to the Turkish Delight!

Our winter wonderland leads to a secret castle room, where the White Witch was waiting for our adventurers. We asked them to solve this riddle to gain entry to the castle:

It’s part of Aslan, but not of witch. It’s in the harness, but not the hitch. Queen Susan has one, but Lu does not. It’s not in Tumnus’ cooking pot. What is it?

The answer? The letter A! Once all our travelers were in the castle, they found that the White Witch was in possession of a large red box full of Turkish Delight, but they were again challenged to solve a puzzle to open the lock on the box. This time, she asked them to figure out her name!

  • Sometimes called a rock, often worth a great deal. A bauble or a precious stone, so tempting for some to steal. (Jewel)

  • What do unicorns have that no other Narnian creature has? (bAby unicorns)

  • Young I am tall; old I am short. I love to glow. Breath is my foe. (CanDle)

  • What animal represents the constellation Leo? (lion)

  • What has forty legs, twenty hands, and a big appetite? (ten centaurS)

The name of the White Witch is JADIS, and we entered that into a 5-letter word lock on the red box of Delight. You may wish to skip the lock and just hold the box until the name is guessed.

The White Witch is not amused

Have Tea with Tumnus

To celebrate successfully outwitting the Witch, we sat down to tea in Tumnus the Faun's dining salon, complete with china teacups and plates. Our tasty treats included miniature cupcakes and Fireflower Cordial (which was actually cherry soda poured from a glass pitcher).

Tumnus left us some Fireflower Cordial

Play a Narnia Board Game

There are a number of Lion/Witch/Wardrobe-themed board games available, and all are a great way to round out a fun day of adventure. We chose the Hasbro "Chronicles of Narnia" game, available on Amazon.

With Asian's help, be the first to reach the lamp post and go back to the wardrobe to win the game.

Enjoy your day in Narnia, but remember -- don't eat too much Turkish Delight! Leave us a comment below about YOUR adventure to Narnia ...

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