Peter Rabbit Tea Party

Updated: Apr 23

Does your little one love Peter Rabbit? Plan a charming tea party based on the beloved bunny! At the Storyteller's Cottage, we host a Tea Party Club every month with activities based on a different classic children's book each time. Here's what we did for our Peter Rabbit event...

Begin with a craft!

You've got to have bunny ears in order to listen to these great stories by Beatrix Potter. We made ours with card stock, floral paper, ribbon, and glue. Just cut out a strip from the bottom of the paper with pointed shapes coming out of the top for the ears. Then, cut out an oval of pretty paper for the inside of the ears and glue on the card stock. Finally, cut a length of ribbon to size and glue to the ears. It's easy to make these unique and just the right size for any rabbit.

Now it's time for a story.

Gather all of your little bunnies and entertain them with Peter Rabbit's delightful antics. Here, Heather reads to our guests in the Storytime Lair. There are so many stories from the world of Peter Rabbit. Maybe the kids could try to think up another adventure for Peter to have?

Finally it's time for tea!

With everyone dressed in their Sunday best, sit down for some tea and snacks. Don't forget the fancy cups! Of course, for treats we have to venture into Mr. McGregor's garden for some fresh veggies, and pastries are a must at any tea party.

These two rabbits had a great time! Comment below if you try throwing a similar tea party for yourself!

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