Mysteries by Mail: A Brand New Mystery Challenge Provided by The Storyteller's Cottage!

Have you ever wanted to step into the shoes of a detective and put your skills of deductive reasoning to the test? Now’s your chance! The Storyteller’s Cottage is excited to announce a brand new service for all of our fellow mystery lovers out there! Since our mystery rooms are currently closed and we can’t host our live murder mystery nights, we have decided to bring the mysteries to you! Keep your problem-solving skills in tip-top shape by solving mysteries at home!

How does Mysteries by Mail work?

We will need your help as a detective to investigate a series of letters and to solve a crime. You'll receive letters by email for five days in a row from a case of your choosing. Everything you need to solve the crime will be attached, including vintage letters from eye-witnesses, mysterious codes found at the scene, and even photographs. We encourage you to print out these clues to make decoding the puzzles easier. After receiving the suspects’ letters, we will ask you to send us a response identifying who you believe committed the crime and why. If you guess correctly you can expect a nice little prize! Whether or not you get it right, we will send you a final letter from Detective Alexander Thomas Pattison proving who committed the crime, why, how, and pointing out all of the clues hidden in the various letters you’ve received.

Who is Mysteries by Mail for?

Mysteries by Mail is for anyone who enjoys a good mystery! These letters will make anyone feel like they are Sherlock Holmes solving the next big case, and they can be enjoyed by both kids and adults. Our first case titled "The Case of the Unfortunate Acrobat" is designed for ages 10 and up. Mysteries by Mail can be enjoyed alone or with the whole family! You can purchase it for yourself or as a gift. Mysteries by Mail would make a great birthday present for any mystery fanatic!

How much does Mysteries by Mail cost?

Just $20 for a whole week of fun! You will receive a letter profiling the case, and four separate letters from primary suspects with hidden clues, hints, documents, and unique puzzles suggesting who may be guilty of committing the crime.

Tell me about "The Case of the Unfortunate Acrobat".

This is our first case provided as part of our Mysteries by Mail. The year is 1885. The Marvelous and Miraculous Circus of Magnificence had just launched its final performance. A raucous crowd was gathered to enjoy a thrilling night at the circus, but suddenly, tragedy struck! The star trapeze artist plummeted to her death under mysterious circumstances. Her twin suspects foul play. Murder has shocked the company, and everyone seems to have something to hide. Can you help Detective Alexander Pattison of the Great Scott Detective Agency solve the crime? This case is designed for ages 10 and up. Stay tuned for future cases including a fantasy-themed Mysteries by Mail experience for younger children coming soon!

How can I sign up for Mysteries by Mail?

If you would like to join Mysteries by Mail then click the link below. If you choose to purchase the case for yourself, we will send you the first letter immediately. Choose the "as a gift" option and we will send instructions to send this game to a special recipient.

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