Introducing Truly the Fairy...

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

Did you know there is a magical fairy (also known as a "Dinkyhop") who loves to spend time at The Storyteller's Cottage? Truly is a shy fairy who loves to read, play games and meet new friends! One day, she was sent on an unexpected adventure and a series of magical clues led her right here to the Cottage. You can read all about Truly's discovery in her book, "Truly the Fairy's Great Adventure", a children's book written by our staff member, Lana Bennett. Stop into our "Booktique" for a signed copy!

Signed copies of "Truly the Fairy's Great Adventure" are available in our "Booktique" at The Storyteller's Cottage. You can also purchase online in print and kindle edition on Amazon here.

See the book trailer here:

A peek inside

Since Truly discovered The Storyteller's Cottage, where she has met friends with similar interests, she has become a regular member and attends all of the great events. You could say the Cottage has become her second home. She even joined in to help with the winter planning when she stumbled on another incredible adventure! She and her friends receive a mysterious letter while decorating for the holidays from an unknown friend who is lost in Hopmeadow. They are in need of help! Can Truly and her friends find the stranger in need?

"Truly the Fairy and the Great Holiday Rescue."

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