Interview with Shelby C. Davis: Everything My Parents Taught Me in 6 Steps

Updated: Apr 23

Hello, and welcome to the Storyteller's Cottage. Tonight, we have Shelby C. Davis with us, discussing his book, Everything My Parents Taught Me in 6 Steps. Thank you very much for coming.

Thank you for having me. It's a pleasure to be here.

So, how did you become an author?

Well, I became an author because I wanted to help people. For the last eight years, I've been a counselor in the public school system, and I wanted to extend that past the hours of my workdays and create something I could share with people to help them overcome any obstacles or challenges they're facing, or obtain any goals they might have.

This book is all about motivation. What ultimately motivated you to start writing it?

I saw that some people needed help and encouragement. Sometimes, people wake up and just need some words of wisdom and inspiration, some words of motivation, to get them through their days. I wanted to make something that people could pick up (an easy read; a small text), turn to a page or a section, and find some words that would help get them through their days.

What do you find are the most common hang-ups people have when they're trying to grow and become more enthusiastic about life?

I think sometimes people get to the point where they want to give up. In my book, I talk about staying motivated and looking at the positive things in life. Sometimes, you may have a goal, and then you may take a different turn, and that's okay. You have to go with that turn and come back to where you want to be. It's okay to pause sometimes and then keep going. You really have to stay motivated.

What unexpected discoveries did you make while you were writing this book?

I fell in love with quotes. I like reading other people's quotes, seeing what they mean, and interpreting those quotes into my own quotes and my own feelings on things. I now subscribe to daily quotes. They're very inspirational, and I include some of them in my book, as well.

That's great! Well, thank you again for coming tonight, and we hope to see you again soon.

Thank you very much!

Everything My Parents Taught Me in 6 Steps is perfect for any young adult or student! With six easy steps and a few words of wisdom, this book will motivate readers, and motivation is the key to moving forward towards growth.

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