Hogwarts at Night (for adults)

Updated: Apr 23

The Storyteller's Cottage hosts lots of Harry Potter inspired events for children, but last night was a chance for adult Harry Potter fans to experience the magic of Hogwarts on a crisp autumn night.

The house was decorated with pure magic. Flying keys, floating candles, spell books, and festive pumpkins were among the decor that really turned the Storyteller's Cottage into Hogwarts.

There was also an array of snacks inspired by the magical world of Harry Potter, including Leaky Cauldron Chips & Salsa, Molly Weasly's Arachnid Balls, Basilisks in a Blanket, Pumpkin Pasty Shooters, Galloween Brownies, Half Blood Oranges, Enchanted Chocolate Frogs, and non-alcoholic Polyjuice Potion. There were also alcoholic drinks inspired by each Hogwarts House.

Guests arrived donning their Hogwarts robes and House colors, ready for a fantastic evening.

The activities of the night included a Horcrux scavenger hunt and trivia game with fun prizes, Pin the Nose on Voldemort, a photo booth, a wand making station, a stylized corner bookmark craft station, and edible slime making sessions. The photos they took, the wands they crafted, the bookmarks they made, and the slime they concocted came out great!

The Storyteller's Cottage hosts many Harry Potter inspired events throughout the year. Visit https://www.storytellerscottage.com/events to learn more!

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