Halloween Haunted Dinner Party & Seance

Updated: Apr 23

We at the Storyteller's Cottage love a good ghost story, and what better place to tell them than across the street in the cemetery? Our Halloween Haunted Dinner Party & Seance began with a stroll to the Simsbury Cemetery for some spooky ghost stories and a "stuffed cockroach" treat. We then headed back to the Jane Austen Salon for dinner.

Our spooky Halloween Dinner consisted of a spicy tomato soup, a delicious pasta entree, brownies topped with eyeballs for dessert. After dinner, our guests visited Spiritualist Medium Elaine Kuzmeskus in our Castle Room for a Halloween seance.

Everyone arrived finely dressed in Victorian costumes that went perfectly with the house and the theme of the night.

The old Victorian house was decorated for the occasion with cobwebs and spiders that gave the house a vintage feel.

We're glad the guests had such a good time! The Storyteller's Cottage hosts seasonal events and activities all year round. Visit www.storytellerscottage.com/events for more information!

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