Fun at Codebreakers Camp!

Updated: Apr 23

During the week of July 15 - 19, our house was full of brainy detectives at the first annual Codebreakers Camp!

At this mystery-based, problem-solving camp, participants learned how to break over a dozen different types of codes, from simple substitutions to complicated symbol, verbal and logic codes.

The week's activities were inspired by some of our favorite books that feature smart, problem-solving characters, including The Mysterious Benedict Society, Book Scavenger, Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library, Greenglass House, and 39 Clues.

Campers learned about letter and number codes, symbol codes, physical puzzles, verbal messages, and logic puzzles, then applied their new mystery-solving skills to decode scavenger hunt messages all through the house. The 16 campers also played all three of our mystery room games, then enjoyed an exclusive "behind the scenes" look at how all our electronics work and a fun lesson about game design theory. The kids put all their new knowledge to work building their own mystery rooms from scratch.

The participants definitely had a ton of fun and so did we! The next exciting camp we are hosting is Camp Halfblood, based on the Percy Jackson series. 

Register for Camp Halfblood here:

 And keep visiting our website to stay up to date on the other amazing literary camps and events we are offering this summer:)

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