Celebrating the release of Magnets and Glue through the Storyteller's Press

We are so proud to announce that local author Kati Mockler will publish her children's book about the law of attraction, Magnets and Glue, through the Storyteller's Press!

Kati is a motivational author who primarily focuses on children's books which teach personal and spiritual development. Her stories translate popular self-help concepts for young readers to understand and implement throughout their lives. As a self-improvement enthusiast she hopes her books inspire readers to be more mindful, optimistic, and empowered individuals.

In order to celebrate, The Storyteller's Cottage will host a free author launch party on Sunday, July 7 at 3 pm. You will get a chance to meet Kati, enjoy a free storytime, enter to win a free book, enjoy refreshments, and take home custom stickers and bookmarks.


750 Hopmeadow Street, Simsbury CT | (860) 877-6099


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