Bookish Crafting with Jane Austen: Book-Page Pen Holders

“An authoress knows that one must always have an organized supply of pens if one is to write a masterpiece such as Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, Persuasion, and more. I dare say being at home has made me more humble than ever!”

Follow along with Jane Austen as she teaches us how to make bookish crafts! This week she shows us how to make a book-page pen holder.





Book, magazine, or newspaper pages

OR scrapbook or wrapping paper

A can



Washi tape

Step One

Peel the packaging off of your can if there is any on it.

Step Two

Take your pages or paper and measure it horizontally around your can.

Step Three

Tape it to hold it in place even if it doesn’t fit all the way around.

Step Four

If there is still uncovered space take another page or piece of paper and hold it against the can. Draw a line where it overlaps with the previous page.

Step Five

Use your scissors to cut off the excess page, and use your tape to stick it to the can.

Step Six

Use your scissors to cut off any excess paper sticking out past the bottom of the can.

Step Seven

Remove your pages from the can and tape them together along the side that will be touching the can.

Step Eight

Glue your taped together pages to the surface of the can.

Step Nine

Adjust the positioning of your paper to cover the entirety of the sides of the can. Cut off any remaining excess paper on the top or bottom of the can with your scissors.

Step Ten

If you would like the bottom of your can to be covered as well, you can trace a circle the size of the bottom of your can onto a new page, and then cut it out with your scissors.

Step Eleven

Glue the circle to the bottom of your can. Cut off any excess paper sticking out from the bottom with your scissors.

Bonus Tip!

Apply a strand of ribbon to the top of your can using your scissors and glue to give it a lovely extra layer. You can even decorate it further by adding scrapbook paper, magazine pictures, stickers, or anything you like! Jane has decided to add some decorative washi tape around the bottom of her can and a sticker of her own portrait to the middle.

Step Twelve

Put all of your writing utensils in your can!

Watch Jane Austen make a book-page pen holder in this video!

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