Bookish Crafting with Jane Austen: Book-Page Heart Mobiles

“These are perfect to hang from one’s ceiling or a thumbtack in the wall!”

Follow along with Jane Austen as she teaches us how to make bookish crafts! This week she shows us how to make some book-page heart mobiles. Stay tuned to the end of the video to listen to Jane read a snippet of Captain Wentworth’s letter to Anne Elliot from her book “Persuasion”. Click this link to get your own copy of Jane’s beloved romance novel!


Book, magazine, and newspaper pages


Tape, stapler, or glue 

Pen or pencil

Paper or cardstock

Scrapbook or wrapping paper 

String, yarn, or ribbon

Step One

Create your heart-shaped stencil by using your writing utensil to trace half of a heart along the edge of a folded piece of paper or cardstock.

Step Two

Use your scissors to cut along the line you have drawn. Then unfold your paper or cardstock to reveal your heart-shaped stencil!

Step Three

If you would also like smaller hearts in your heart-shaped mobile, then repeat steps one and two onto your current stencil.

Step Four

Use your stencil to trace hearts onto the backside of your scrapbook paper and book, magazine, or newspaper pages.

Step Five

Use your scissors to cut out all of your heart shapes.

Step Six

Make a loop on one end of your piece of string, yarn, or ribbon. This is how you will hang your book-page heart mobile!

Step Seven

Use your adhesive to stick your string, yarn, or ribbon down the center of the backside of one of your heart cut-outs.

Step Eight

Use your adhesive to stick a heart cut-out of the same size to the backside of the first heart cut-out.

Step Nine

Repeat steps seven and eight with as many heart cut-outs and sizes as you would like!

Watch Jane Austen make a book-page heart mobile in this video!

Stayed tuned until the very end to listen to her read a short excerpt from “Persuasion”.

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