Bookish Crafting with Jane Austen: Book-Page Flowers

“This is a much neater way of gardening as there is no dirt involved. Lovely!”

Follow along with Jane Austen as she teaches us how to make bookish crafts! This week she shows us how to make some book-page flowers.


Two book or magazine pages




Two pieces of tissue paper

Step One

Fold both pieces of tissue paper in half and cut along the crease with your scissors to end up with four pieces of tissue paper.

Step Two

Put your tissue paper and book or magazine pages in a stack. Jane chose to do two pieces of tissue paper followed by one book or magazine page, and then the other two pieces of tissue paper followed by the final book or magazine page.

Step Three

Cut off any excess tissue paper so that all of your pieces of tissue paper and book or magazine pages are roughly the same size.

Step Four

Continuously fold about an inch of your stack back and forth all the way from one side to the other so that it takes on an accordion shape.

Step Five

Pinch it in the middle so it has a bow-tie shape and staple the center together.

Step Six

Fold this shape so that the two sides are now touching and tape the stem shape at the bottom to hold it all together.

Step Seven

Gently start separating all of your tissue paper and book or magazine pages to make your flower bloom!

Bonus Tip

Make a few flowers to have a lovely bouquet!

Watch Jane Austen make book-page flowers in this video!

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