Bookish Crafting with Jane Austen: Book-Page Chains

Updated: May 21

“I dare say you’re all becoming book-page crafting proficients by now, but if you are not do not worry for you can just do as Lady Catherine de Bourgh suggests and practice! This is another perfect decoration for one’s home if one is a book lover. This craft is perfect for almost any age and any skill level. Huzzah!”

Follow along with Jane Austen as she teaches us how to make bookish crafts! This week she shows us how to make some book-page chains. While you are crafting, Jane reads from the adorable Cozy Classics version of "Pride and Prejudice". The pictures feature needle felted dolls of the characters and it’s a great way to expose your kids to the wonderful works of Jane Austen. Check it out for yourself and get ready to dive into this literary craft!


Book, magazine, and newspaper pages



Pen or pencil

Tape, stapler, or glue 

Scrapbook paper


Step One

Use your pen or pencil to trace lines onto your various types of pages and paper. Use your ruler as a straight edge. You can make chains of any and all sizes!

Step Two

Use your scissors to cut out the strips. Each of these strips will become links in your chain.

Step Three

Take one strip and stick the two ends together with your glue, tape, or stapler to create the first link in your chain.

Step Four

Repeat step three while making sure to loop each new strip through the previous chain.

Bonus Tip!

For pieces of scrapbook paper that have a blank side you can tape, glue, or staple some book or newspaper strips to it so that when you make the chain it will be decorative all over!

Step Five

Apply your decorations all over your book-page chains. These can include stickers, drawings, or even quotes! Jane suggests: "There is no charm equal to tenderness of heart."

Watch Jane Austen make book-page chains in this video!

Stay tuned to the end to listen to her read from the Cozy Classics adaptation of her beloved novel "Pride and Prejudice".

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