A Haunting at the Cottage...

Updated: Apr 23

There was an extra chill in the air tonight, on this All Hallow's Eve. The glow of the moon cast eerie shadows on the dimly lit streets of Simsbury. Damp leaves that had fallen with the rain littered the ground in a collage of amber and red. A faint howling could be heard from the cemetery, as the wind bellowed through trees, bending the dead branches until they snapped with a loud crack! The night critters scattered into the darkness, frightened by the sound. The headstones lay silent, yet aware, as though they were watching the flurry of masked guests foolishly enter the large wooden doors of the Cottage across the road. Draped in lace-clad gowns and black ties, the guests stepped in one at a time, prattling on about their fancy frocks and awaiting the festivities that lay ahead. But when the last heeled shoe met the tapestry in the Cottage foyer, the doors slammed shut and the lights went out. Only the flicker of burning candlelight could be seen from outside. What happened next has left a scar on each and every one, a chilling uneasiness that only they will remember, and will never forget....

The guests shared stories from beyond the grave and house spirits were summoned and joined in the festivities.

Just when they thought the frightful night was over, a force entered the Victorian home, making its way through each dark room, and creating a shock of terror that will haunt the dreams of each masked visitor for eternity, or at least those who made it out that night...

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