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Download everything you'll need to host a clever and immersive "live murder mystery" party at home. 

Kits include character packets for each of your guests, pre-party activities, custom clue videos to play during the party, personalized printables, costume & refreshment suggestions and detailed host instructions.

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Murder at Pendleton Manor

Sir Percy Pendleton, a wealthy industrialist, has been poisoned at a dinner party at his home. Which of the guests had the means and the motive to kill him in front of so many witnesses?  


The Last Curtain Call


A traveling theater company is about to complete their production of "Murder at the Opera House." Unfortunately, when the lights go up, one unlucky theater-goer is found dead. Can the cast solve the crime?

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Murder at Ghostwriter's Lair

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At a secret meeting of famed authors, heated accusations of manuscript theft end in murder!  Which renown writer had the skill and audacity to pull off such a high-risk exploit?  Was it Agatha Christie, Steven King, JK Rowling, Arthur Conan Doyle or someone even more cunning?

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