Special Events

We love to create memorable and immersive events that celebrate our love of books, reading and all that goes with it.  Grab your tickets today for our  children's special events -- they go fast!

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Join us on Saturday afternoons for FREE storytimes!  We invite local authors to come and read their books, and some will also bring a craft or coloring project for kids to enjoy afterward.   Authors will have copies of their books for sale after each storytime. 

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Writing Classes

Does your child love writing?  Our unique creative writing classes are taught by talented local authors, and encourage creativity in a variety of ways.   Rather than focusing on grammar, spelling or typical schoolroom topics, our creative writing classes provide enrichment that goes beyond the basics and encourages our students' love of the printed word.

Acting Classes

Calling all aspiring performers! Launch your theater career with this fun and unique workshop that goes beyond the basics of acting to introduce you to every aspect of dramatic theater.

Begin with the essential skills of acting, including movement, voice and breath work, confidence, projection & scene study. Then discover exciting behind-the-scenes secrets of theater production with fun explorations of set, lighting and sound design, costume design, and even a little light theater history! (Ideal for ages 10 - 16)

COST: $150 for 6 weeks (TBD)


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Creative Writing

Thursdays (ages 7 - 9)

11:00 am - 1:00 pm

Learn to love creative writing with fun writing games and prompts! Meets via Zoom.


with Pamela Goulardt

Writing From the Heart 

Wednesdays Apr 15 - May 20

4:00 - 5:00 pm

Children will learn the building blocks of fiction-writing, including character development, establishing place, and writing dialogue, while participating in fun writing activities and responding to imaginative poetry and story prompts.

with Lori Kase

Filmmaking for Kids 

Sundays Apr 5 - May 31

1:00 - 2:30 pm

Get hands on experience with visual storytelling as you learn all about filmmaking and tv writing! Expand your love of storytelling by learning the writing, photo, and artistic skills to inspire and create visual stories for small video and big screen magic!

with Pamela Goulardt

Fantasy Clubs

Storytelling is not just limited to reading and writing stories!  At the Storyteller's Cottage we provide unique opportunities for kids to immerse themselves in their favorite books!  Whether they're creating stories for their D&D characters or taking classes at Hogwarts, our participants are living out their wildest adventures!

Take classes at Hogwarts!

1:00 - 2:30 pm

Calling all witches & wizards! Join us the second Sunday of each month in the secret Room of Requirement at Ilvermorny, the American outpost of Hogwarts, to learn all of the magical skills Professor Umbridge doesn't want you to know!

Take three different classes each month (ranging from Potions to Herbology to Divination to Defense Against the Dark Arts, and more) with visiting Hogwarts professors. We'll make cool things, discuss the books & movies, enjoy magical snacks, and have a fantastic time with our new friends. Students will receive the monthly Quibbler newsletter featuring awesome Harry Potter projects as well!

Read, Draw, Discuss, Snack!

1:30 - 3:00 pm

Are you a fan of the anime style of animation? Do you love graphic novels, drawing, and trying cool new foods from the Maruichi Japanese Grocery Store? Then this club is for you!

Meet on the 3rd Sunday of each month to discuss new anime books & shows, taste Japanese snacks, pick up a few words of Japanese and learn to draw in the anime style. It's like a book club, class and new friend hangout all at once!


Monthly Dungeons & Dragons Campaign

6:00 - 9:00 pm

Indulge in your favorite fantasy game with your fellow enthusiasts

on Thursday evenings

Just $20 per week for a 3-hour game.

NOTE: Preregistration is required as seating is limited in our castle room.


Birthday Parties


Whether you love Harry Potter, Tinkerbell or Artemis Fowl, your literary birthday party at

The Storyteller's Cottage will be one of a kind!


Choose your theme and your favorite room, and we'll create a custom activity for up to 10 of your favorite friends. You bring the food, we'll bring the fun! Choose from our list of popular themes, or tell us about your favorite book and we'll design a special party just for you.


Prices start at $30 per guest.

Harry Potter Party

Wear your magical gear and take three classes at Hogwarts! Choose from Potions, Care of Magical Creatures, Charms, Divination, Herbology, Transfiguration or Defense Against the Dark Arts.


Ages 8 +

$40 per guest

Adventure to Narnia

Learn classic games like the Pevensie children played, then step through the wardrobe into a winter forest to meet the White Witch and solve her challenges to earn Turkish Delight!


Ages 7 +

$30 per guest

Nancy Drew / Sherlock Holmes

Be the detective in your own story! Choose any one of our three mystery room games, then enjoy an hour in one of our party rooms for cake & presents. (You bring the food, drinks & paper goods)

Ages 8+

$40 per guest

(includes game plus party room rental afterward)


If an adult is not available to play with the group, we will provide two of our staff to play in the room, at a total cost of $45 per guest. 

Alice in Wonderland

Don't be late for this very important date! Make miniature hats, learn mysterious card tricks, and sip tea from fancy china cups.


Ages 7+

$30 per guest

Spy School / Gallagher Girls

Learn codebreaking, disguise, surveillance, self-defense, undercover manners and more ... customized to your favorite spy mystery stories



Ages 9+

$30 per guest

Fairy Princess Tea

Choose your favorite fairy or princess and our own resident costumed princess will read your group a story and show you how to make a craft themed to your fairy princess!


Ages 5 - 9

$30 per guest


Magic Show Party

Make your memories magical!  Our house magician, David Reed-Brown, will fill your children with wonder and awe in a forty-five minute magic show in our mysterious Victorian Parlor.  The show includes lots of fun audience interaction, laughter, and amazing feats of wonder!  If you like, David can even have your birthday girl or boy help float a table around the room!  


Follow your unique magic show with cake & presents in the

 English Country Kitchen

(you provide the food, beverages, paper goods and party decorations).

Saturdays: $350 includes 45 min magic show plus 45 min kitchen rental

Sundays: $300 includes 45 min magic show plus 45 min Kitchen rental

50% deposit required to reserve your party

Up to 15 guests. Full party time is 1.5 hours. 

Dungeons & Dragons

Bring your character and enjoy a custom,

3-hour campaign in our secret castle room.


Ages 8 +

$60 per guest


- Artemis Fowl

- Fablehaven

- Percy Jackson

- Minecraft

- or your custom theme



- Magical Common Room (seats 6)

- Alice in Wonderland Tea Room (seats 6)

- Medieval Castle (seats 7)

- English Bistro Kitchen (seats 8)

- Jane Austen Dining Room (seats 10)

Castle & Common can be combined for +$10/guest

750 Hopmeadow Street, Simsbury CT | (860) 877-6099

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