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If you're here, you have a story to tell.  We're here to help. 

Determine where you are on the spectrum of "ready to publish"

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1. You have an idea for a story but need help getting started

2. You have a project underway

but need professional feedback and direction

3. You have a project underway and would like peer feedback

coupled with designated writing time


4. You have a manuscript underway and just cannot get it finished

5.You have a completed manuscript and would like to know more about the process of sending query letters to publishers, finding an agent,

and promoting yourself as an author.


6. You have a completed manuscript and would like it to be

considered for publication with Storyteller's Press


Writing Instruction

We offer a wide range of writing workshops that cover topics from the general (like Writing Your Novel and Writing Young Adult Fiction) to the specific (like Point of View and Writing Dialogue). You can even learn practical skills for customized writing genres, like Creating Your BlogSecrets of Screenwriting and

Intro to Grantwriting

Classes are all taught by talented local authors.

Choose a one-time workshop on a Saturday afternoon, or 

a multi-week series on a weeknight. Rates start at $30 per class.

Workshop offerings change frequently.

Check out our current selections here:

Looking for something specific?  Email us here with your request and we'll let you know when that class is on our schedule. 


One on One Coaching

Would you benefit from personal, customized coaching from a professional editor, author or illustrator?  

Make an appointment to see one of our experts:



EDITING: Professional Editor C. Flanagan Flynn  

Stuck on a personal essay, memoir, novel, or blog content? Enlist C's help like countless other writers have. C's expertise in working with fiction and nonfiction writers is evidenced through the bylines they’ve earned working with her. As the former Managing Editor of Brain Child and Brain Teen magazines, C’s editorial roles extend to Founding Editor and Editor-in-Chief of Centered: The magazine of personal stories where six of the personal essays and memoir excerpts are in contention for Pushcart Prizes. With C’s editorial input, writers have published standalone essays, memoir excerpts, or novel excerpts in Creative Nonfiction MagazineThe New York Times (Modern Love Column), The MacGuffin, and Brain Teen. Manuscripts she’s edited have been published by Penguin Random House, New World Library, and Lone Pine Publishing.

PREP FOR PUBLICATION: Author Carrie Firestone  

Have you finished a first draft and need help with revision? Have you been querying agents and getting nowhere? Do you just want someone to take a look at your first ten pages? Carrie Firestone, author of THE LOOSE ENDS LIST (Little, Brown 2016), THE UNLIKELIES (Little, Brown, 2017), and DRESS CODED (Putnam/Random House Penguin, 2020) will help you take the next steps in your writing journey. She will provide clear, judgment-free feedback and answer all your questions about agents, publishing, story pitfalls, and craft.

BRAINSTORMING: Author T.J. Banks  

It’s easy to lose your way when you’re writing.  You stop short, freeze up, and lose sight of what you saw so vividly at the outset.  That’s when you need a creative listener, someone to brainstorm with you. Novelist T. J. Banks will work with you and help you get back on your path. Break through that writer's block and get those creative juices flowing again.


ILLUSTRATION: Artist Robin Towle-Fecso  

Whether you're creating your own illustrations and would like feedback, or you're getting ready to self-publish your manuscript and aren't sure how to design a cover, graphic artist Robin Towle-Fecso will sit down with you and help you improve the visual impact of your book.  Robin is also available to create your illustrations as well.

Cost for individual consultations is $75/hour


Storyteller's Society

Calling all authors with work underway!

Join the Storyteller's Society, a unique club for writers.

Join an inspiring community of writers and enjoy support in an otherwise solitary activity. Our meetings combine an exciting mix of writing improvement tips, crowd-sourced troubleshooting, and free writing time.

Each week we'll begin the night with a mini class featuring a different practical writing tip. Then, share your struggles and frustrations with the group and receive immediate suggestions from your peers. Spend the final hour of the night working on your manuscript or project, or participate in fun writing sprints and exercises. With a regularly scheduled writing time, you won't have any excuses that keep you from writing! 


Meets Fridays, 7:00 - 9:00 pm


Delve deeply into one particular subject at a day-long series of seminars.

Learn from leaders in specific fields all about the practical aspects of turning your passion for writing into a lucrative career.  Retreat topics range from screenwriting to travel writing to the secrets of getting published

Writing retreats are generally held on the first weekend of the month, and can span one or two full days, depending on the topic.  Pay one price and take up to eight classes, plus meet talented professionals and network with local writing peers. Some retreats also include meals and social activities, and overnight retreats include discounted lodging at the lovely Simsbury 1820 House just across the street.


Storyteller's Press

The Storyteller's Press is a small, hometown publishing imprint where new children’s authors can launch a career with personalized, caring support. 

Think of us as a self-publishing facilitator ... choose exactly the help you need from our practical menu of options. Whether you need an editor or an illustrator, assistance with finding an agent or laying out your book to upload to an online printing company, we have the experts to help you.

As the center of a local writing community at the Storyteller's Cottage, we have been privileged to meet and speak with scores of aspiring authors.  We heard over and over about the difficulties new writers have trying to make an impact as tiny fish in a gigantic sea, and saw a need for a supportive press focused on new authors -- a stepping stone of sorts.  We'll provide you the hand you need to navigate the waters, then stand behind you and put all our resources into marketing your new book.

The Storyteller's Press fits right in the pocket between traditional and self-publishing.  We can help you prepare your work to submit to a traditional publisher, or we can help you put all the pieces together and complete your self-publishing journey. Choose only the help you need.


Whereas self-publishing can require a significant up-front investment on the part of the author, and considerable knowledge about design and layout, publishing with the Storyteller’s Press does not.  Operating on a smaller, more human scale, we publish small initial print runs and rely on a print-on-demand model after the initial run, reducing financial risk for all involved. Focusing on our local contacts to promote new books, we work to get new authors into local independent bookstores as well as national chain stores. We'll also stock your book in our on-site and online Booktique, and host your launch party! 

With the Storyteller's Press, you are a member of the family, not a sterile name in a database.

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