Eavesdrop on a group of authors as they discuss fascinating literary topics!

EPISODE 1: "Are We Afraid of the Dark?

Young Adult authors Lisa Acerbo, Dawn Metcalf and Steve Parlato discuss whether YA literature is becoming darker, and whether that's because life is darker these days, or we're just more comfortable talking about darker topics.

EPISODE 2: "Diving into the Dark"

Mystery authors Steve Liskow, Kathryn Orzech and Chuck Radda discuss how much evil mystery readers can tolerate, and as an author, how they decide when to rein in a dark character.

EPISODE 3: "A Perfectly Lovely Criminal"

Mystery authors Chris Knopf, Rhonda Lane, Steve Liskow and Nina Mansfield discuss whether the "bad guy" in mysteries should have good qualities as well as bad, in what proportion and why.

EPISODE 4: "The Ink Spell Effect"

Memoir authors Margaret Dopirak, David Garnes and Monique Faison Ross discuss whether memoir writers create a new persona for themselves by putting their 'best' lives down on paper, that they then have to inhabit.

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